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You Can Now Delete Instagram Comments in Bulk

Instagram has introduced more new ways to fight back against online bullies. The headline feature lets you delete Instagram comments in bulk. However, you can also now pin positive comments, and control who can tag and mention you on Instagram.

Online bullying is a serious problem, especially on social media. This is especially true on the social media platforms popular with younger demographics 5 Lit Social Media Apps for Teenagers Looking for the hottest social media apps for teenagers? Then check out these popular apps that make Facebook look ancient. Read More . Such as Instagram. However, Instagram has been trying to combat online bullies over the years.

New Instagram Features to Combat Bullying

Alongside the fifth edition of its Community Standards Enforcement report, Instagram has announced a number of new features. As outlined on the Instagram Blog, these are all designed to help Instagram users fight back against online bullies.

The first new feature lets you manage unwanted interactions. While you could already delete individual comments, you can now delete up to 25 Instagram comments in bulk. You can also block or restrict multiple accounts behind negative comments.

bulk delete Instagram comments

On the flipside, you can also highlight positive comments. Pinned Comments, which are currently being tested, lets you pin a select number of comments to the top of a thread. The idea being that it lets you set the tone you want for your account.

Last but not least, you can now choose who can tag and mention you. Instagram is rolling out a new set of controls that allow you to manage who can tag or mention you. You can limit the option to no one, allow people who follow you, or allow everyone.

How to Hide Your Social Media Profiles

These are all solid ways to help people fight back against online bullies. And giving people the tools they need to combat the problem is all anyone is asking. For many years, Instagram lagged behind its rivals in this, but it’s now leading the way.

While most social media platforms offer ways to combat bullying, things can get out of hand. In which case, you may need to take extra measures to prevent yourself from being harassed. If so, here’s how to hide your social media profiles from bullies How to Hide Your Social Media Profiles From Bullies Social networking sites can be a breeding ground for bullying. Here’s how to hide your social media profiles from bullies. Read More .

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